Terms of Service

For the purpose of this document, "your service" and similar terms refer to any service bought and held by you, rented from us. "We" refers to us; ArcadeNodes.

If you have any questions about our Terms of Service, please do not hesitate contacting our support team through the Live Chat or the Ticket System. To stay up-to-date, it is the customer's responsibility to check back frequently.

By being a customer of ArcadeNodes, you accept and agree to be bound by our Terms of Service. We reserve the right terminate, suspend, or cancel any servie provided with or without a refund or notice or warning for any reason. We also reserve the right to modify our Terms of Service at any time with or without informing the client. Your service will be terminated at our discretion if any client does not comply with the new Terms of Service modifications.


- In order to use any of our services, you must be at least 13 years of age.
- If you're 13 or older but still under 18 years of age, you must have your parents' or legal guardian's permission to use our services.
- Don't use your service to do anything that can and/or would be deemed illegal.
- We reserve the right to terminate any service at any time without or with refund.
- We reserve the right to change our Terms of Service at any time.



By purchasing a minecraft server from our website, you agree to the Minecraft EULA.

Fair Use Policy

- Disk space is considered to be "unlimited" for storing service-related material, up to a limit of 100 GB of user data. Storing large quantities of copyrighted music, movies, or games is not allowed.
- If your service consistently uses a high amount of bandwidth or CPU, we will be sending email warnings. If the issue is not addressed, your service may be suspended.
- If your service uses a significant amount of disk space, we will investigate and send email warnings if material not related to your service is found. If the problem is not fixed, irrelevant files may be deleted.
- Each client can store a maximum of 1 backup of their service without any additional fees, at one time.
- The total size of all backups should not exceed 15 GB.
- If using the Dynmap or Bluemap plugin, map files should not exceed 10 GB, so we restrict Dynmap to a "lowres" maximum resolution. Maps above 10 GB will be automatically deleted.
- World files larger than 5 GB should not include pre-generated chunks and must be generated through gameplay.
- Pre-generation includes both in-game generation and computer-generated worlds using software like WorldPainter or earth maps.
Exceeding any of our Fair Use Policy terms may result in removal of infringing files.
Pre-generated worlds should not have a radius of exceeding 10K, as would sizes grow exponentially with radius. Pre-generation plugins without a radius limit configuration option are blocked.

Server Management

- The Server Management addon must be renewed at the end of each billing cycle.
- The Server Management is only applicable to the service it was ordered for and cannot be transferred.
- Requests must be made through a ticket on your billing account.
- Please be specific in your request to avoid the need for clarification.
- Server Management does not cover permission, ranking, or kit plugin configurations, including, but not limited to, PermissionsEx and GroupManager.
- Configuration for Crate Keys or similar plugins is not included.
- Building worlds, maps, and structures are not part of Server Management.
- In-game setup of plugins or modifications is not included in Server Management.
- No form of development (plugins, addons, mods, etc.) is not included in Server Management.
- We reserve the right to deny any server management request.



- Keep your account details private and do not share them.
- If you wish to grant access to your game panel to someone else, please open a ticket and they can be given their own account.
- Neglecting to report any unauthorized access to your account may lead to suspension or termination of services.
- Since sharing of accounts is not allowed, any misuse of your service will be deemed to have been committed by you, leading to penalties.
- Additionally, do not use your service to exploit any vulnerabilities in our software or hardware, or in the software or hardware of other internet services.


- Services will only be activated once the first payment is received.
- If your service expires and is not renewed, you have one (1) day grace period to pay the overdue invoice without disruption or penalty. Beyond this, your service will be suspended until payment is made.
- If payment is not received within thrity (30) days, your service will be terminated and your files will be deleted from our servers.
- Chargebacks or payment disputes will result in immediate suspension of your account. Please reach out to support for assistance resolving any issues.
- You have the option to set up automatic payments, such as PayPal subscription which will add credit to your account at your specified interval. These pamynets are linked to your account and not to any specific service.
- Account credit is non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Refunds and Disputes

- Refund requests must be made through a ticket on our website while logged into your client account.
- If not logged in when submitting the request, the support team may ask you to log in and resubmit the request within 48 hours.
- If a previous ticket was created without being logged in, you must reference the original ticket ID in the new request (if the 7-days has passed).
- Services ineligible for refund include Minecraft Reseller and fulfilled Server Management requests.
- If a dispute is opened, we reserve the right to suspend client services.
- Refunds will be given as credit or through the original payment method at our discretion.
- If a dispute has been opened on any transaction, refunds will only be granted at our discretion.
- Refunds will result in termination of related services.

7-day Refund Policy (Money-Back Guarantee)

- Subject to conditions, we can provide a refund within 7 days of ordering a new service by explaining why you want to cancel and receive a refund.
- Each client is eligible for the policy once.
- Refunds for monthly plans are available within 7 days of the plan starting. Contact support for a refund.
- All refund requests must be made through a cancellation request on our website counting from the time of order to the cancellation.
- The client may be asked for a reason for the refund and may be offered assistance before the refund is issued. If there is no response within 48 hours, the 7 day refund eligibility is lost.
- The client must provide a reason for the refund, but the reason won't affect eligiblity.
- A confirmation of the refund request must be made within 48 hours of our request, or the 7 day refund eligiblity is lost.
- The policy only covers the first 7 days of a new plan and doesn't cover service renewals.
- Opening a dispute on any payment voids the 7 day refund eligibility.
- The policy only covers one transaction per client account.
- Retracting the refund request or failing to confirm voids the request, but a new request can be made if the 7 days from the order have not passed.
- Eligibility for the 7 day refund is immediately void if a Server Management request is fulfilled.
- Creating multiple accounts to claim the 7 day refund multiple times will result in a denial of refund.
- Refunds may not be supported by some payment methods and will be given as account credit instead.
- To maintain eligibility, respond to all messages from us within 48 hours. Not responding within 48 hours voids eligibility, except the first 7 days of ordering a new service.

Overpayments and Accidental Payments

- Overpayments and accidental payments may occur and we are willing to assist in resolving the issue.
- A payment made by the user is not considered an "accidental payment" and is subject to the terms outlined in the "Refunds and Disputes" section.
- An overpayment occurs when an invoice is paid multiple times, resulting in credit being added to the client's account with the value of the overpayment.
- Refunds for overpayments may be offered under the following conditions:
1. The refund request must be made within 7 days of the payment to allow sufficient time for the refund to be issued. Requests made beyond this timeframe may not be honored.
2. Overpayments are automatically added to the client's account credit, and if this credit is used prior to a refund request, a refund cannot be issued.
3.Only overpayments made within the past 30 days at the time of the ticket being handled can be refunded for multiple overpayments.
4. The credit must remain unused in the client's account.
- When requesting a refund for an overpayment, please provide the PayPal email used for the payment or equivalent information for the payment method used along with the date of the payment.


- To cancel your service, you must submit a cancellation request through the Shockbyte client area or seek assistance from our support team.
- Please also remember to cancel any PayPal subscriptions associated with your account, as ArcadeNodes is not responsible for any accidental payments made through automatic payment subscription services.


- Withdrawals can be made to your ArcadeNodes credit balance or through PayPal, with a 10% withdrawal fee for PayPal.
- Withdrawing to your ArcadeNodes credit balance earns you a 10% bonus (e.g. $100 withdrawal = $110 credit).
- You may advertise your affiliate link on websites that require registration and clearly display that you posted the link, such as forums. However, websites designed for coupon codes or discounts are not permitted.
- The full affiliate link must be visible when clicked, not hidden behind another link or button/image.
- Only the provided affiliate link may be advertised, using another link to redirect to it is not allowed.
- The affiliate system is for referring new customers and commissions will only apply to new accounts.
- If we suspect a new account was created to bypass limitations, the commission will not apply.
- Self-clicking your affiliate link or receiving a commission for doing so is not allowed.
- Commissions are held for 35 days and become void if the referred service is refunded, cancelled, or terminated during this time.
- Affiliate balances have no real value until withdrawn, and non-compliance with terms of service voids eligibility for withdrawal.
- We may investigate your affiliate account at any time to ensure compliance with terms, which may include answering questions before permitted withdrawal.
- Misleading information or attempting to exploit the affiliate system can result in removal of affiliate balance, nullification of eligibility to withdraw, or closure of your account.
- Violating any of these terms can result in removal of affiliate balance, nullification of eligibility to withdraw, and/or closure of your account.


- For security purposes, our website records access logs that include information such as your browser details and IP address for every visitor.
- Our website uses cookies, small data files stored on your computer, for our Client Area (Billing) and Game Panel. You can disable or delete them in your browser, but they are necessary for some features to function properly.
- Any personal information provided through the billing system will be kept until your account is closed. This information is only accessible to ArcadeNodes administrators and support staff and is only used to complete orders. To request account closure, contact support.


- For certain violations of these Terms of Service, we may provide notices or warnings via email or support ticket at our discretion.
- Generally, any violations can result in account suspension, termination, or closure without a refund.
- Any attempts to exploit any part of our system in any way can result in account suspension, termination, or closure without a refund.


- To report abuse on the ArcadeNodes network, contact us at here.
- Any abuse complaints related to your service will be forwarded to you and require prompt attention. We may suspend your services until the abuse reports have been resolved. If the abuse report is found in favor of the reporter, your services may be terminated.

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